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Appening is a web and mobile app development company, dedicated to delivering software solutions that meet business needs. We offer complete end-to-end product development or can integrate with your existing product team.


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We're passionate not only about our exciting projects but also about the people driving them. Let us show you instances where Appening has been the ideal team player for our clients.


Comprehensive Online Shopping Returns Solution

A logistics solution for a U.S.-based client, focusing on simplifying online shopping returns and shipping, making them as effortless as order placement to boost consumer confidence in online shopping.


Seamless Health Care Made Easy

Reshaping Healthcare Delivery through a multi-platform solution, offering patients flexible office, onsite, and telemedicine options, while enabling providers to efficiently manage schedules and profiles.


Revolutionizing Retail and Restaurant Management

A holistic SaaS solution for restaurant and store owners that streamlines storefront and delivery management, enhancing customer ordering and delivery efficiency with a tailored, unified ecosystem.


We develop new solutions and enhance existing ones, prioritizing exceptional user experience while delivering swiftly, surpassing typical industry timelines

Our Clients Say About Us

Ephraim Makuve

CEO at Hutano

United States

They have great UI/UX and application developers. Thanks to Appening's efforts, the platforms have been launched. The best thing is direct access to the developers and the willingness of the team to be coached to code for the American audience.

Michael Monxhwedey

Product Manager at Symprocity Software

United States

We found the team at Appening to be knowledgeable of and well-versed in numerous technologies. Having in-house designers was a huge benefit. Our customers are pleased with the new system, and we've seen a reduction in requests for support, which was a critical factor in deciding on the upgrade.

Alaa Shorbaji

Founder at LOOP


They were perfect for the job. The most impressive thing about Appening is the quality, the friendly team, and the dynamic dealing.

Rajat Vashishta

Founder at Resumod


The best thing about working with Appening is that they value our relationship, and they give me their input. For them, it’s not just another project that has to be delivered. I can call them up to brainstorm, discuss what I am planning to do, and get their thoughts on it. I leave a lot of things to him, and that trust is always there. My rapport with Appening is very good, and I value that a lot.

Rachna Agarwal

Product Manager at Helloverify


It was easy to communicate our ideas to the team. The team was very co-operative and was very flexible. The team even improvised on lots of areas with their ideas. It was easy to communicate our ideas to the team.

Kenneth Metral

Founder at Cosmico Studios

United States

They worked phase by phase throughout the whole project from start to finish. The client was extremely satisfied with the project and was excited to have chosen us. I found their great skill sets and communication, which is hard to find nowadays to be the most impressive thing about Appening

The (H)Appening People

“A small team of A+ players can run circles around a giant team of B and C players.” - Steve Jobs

Appening at a Glance

Pioneering in design-driven development with a commitment to excellence and client success.

Design Centric Development

Design Centric Development revolutionizes the development process, allowing web apps to be optimized for visual appeal and usability while being built with robustness in mind.

Dedicated Team

Our dedicated team of over 20 experts - from designers and developers to solution architects and business analysts - is primed to lend their expertise on your next project.

6+ Years of Experience

For over half a decade, we have been revolutionizing the way things are done by introducing groundbreaking new ideas. Prepare to be amazed!

60+ Projects delivered

Composing over 60+ powerful mobile apps, web applications and SaaS solutions that are currently enriching the lives of millions.

We Are Transparent

Our streamlined process ensures customers can easily access the project tools they need. Plus, we keep everyone in the loop with ongoing communication every step of the way.

3-Months Free Support

With our 3 months free maintenance period, we're committed to our client's success long after their app goes live.

Transparent in Every Step
— Our Process Unveiled

Discover How We Work

Our process stands out for its simplicity, reliability, and transparency. We ensure our clients have full access to essential project tools and maintain constant communication throughout the project lifecycle. Our Scrum-based workflow is designed for efficient collaboration, effectively bridging any time-zone differences between our team and clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

With years of experience as a trusted mobile app development company, we have compiled this list of commonly asked questions to provide you with deep insight into the world of mobile application development.

What development services does your company offer?

We provide a wide range of web and mobile app development services, including:

  • iOS App Development
  • Android App Development
  • Flutter App Development
  • Angular Web Development
  • React Web Development
  • Node.js API Development
  • PWA Development

Our approach encompasses every stage of the app development process, from initial idea validation to execution and ongoing maintenance. We focus on meticulous planning, design, development, testing, and deployment, ensuring that each app is not only technologically advanced but also perfectly aligned with our clients' business goals and user needs.

How much does web and mobile app development typically cost and how long does it take?

The cost of developing a mobile app typically ranges from $10,000 to $50,000 or more, influenced by various factors like app complexity and feature set. The timeline for building a custom mobile app depends on its complexity; a complex app with numerous features might take 10 to 12 months, while a simpler app could be developed in about 4 to 6 months. Balancing these elements is crucial for a successful mobile app development process. Contact our experts for more precise estimates tailored to your specific business needs.

What measures do you take to ensure the security and quality of the software you develop?

As a top-tier web and mobile app development agency, we prioritize the security and quality of our software. We start by signing an NDA to protect your information, demonstrating our commitment to confidentiality and trust. Our development process aligns with industry-specific standards like GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI DSS, ensuring high security and compliance. Quality assurance is integral to our workflow, where we follow best practices and rigorous testing protocols, including functional, performance, user, and security tests, to ensure the software's quality and to mitigate any potential vulnerabilities.

Do you offer maintenance and support services?

Yes, beginning with 3 months of free support, we provide comprehensive maintenance and support services to meet your business needs. As a top mobile app development agency, we help you choose the most effective maintenance strategy to ensure your app's smooth operation. Our services include:

Will you sign an NDA to keep my web and mobile app idea confidential?

Absolutely. As a leading web and mobile app development company, we prioritize the safety and confidentiality of your intellectual property. We are fully committed to protecting the details of your project by signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) right from the start of our collaboration.

  • Upgrading software with emerging technologies
  • Performing automated backups
  • Managing and responding to issues
  • Providing ongoing support and bug fixes
  • Enhancing performance and security regularly
  • Implementing version upgrades
  • Offering comprehensive user support
  • Monitoring app performance

What engagement models do you offer for web and mobile app development?

We offer three tailored engagement models to suit your specific web and mobile app development needs:

  • Fixed Cost: Best for small-scale projects with clear objectives, this milestone-based model minimizes risk and guarantees timely, reliable results.
  • Time & Material: Ideal for Agile projects, this model allows for flexible task assignment with hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly rates, ensuring adaptability for complex projects.
  • Staff Augmentation: This approach provides a team of experts who work as an extension of your in-house staff, offering top-tier knowledge and experience.

Regardless of the model chosen, our focus remains on delivering transparency and high-quality outcomes.