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About Project

Hutano is a revolutionary platform designed to reshape the landscape of healthcare interactions between patients and service providers. Comprising two applications—one for patients and another for healthcare providers—the platform offers a versatile and comprehensive solution to healthcare delivery. Patients can choose between office visits, onsite consultations, and telemedicine through video calls, while healthcare providers can seamlessly manage their appointments, schedules, and professional profiles.

Enhanced Provider Onboarding:

  • Streamline the onboarding process for healthcare providers by allowing them to add basic information, licenses, and legal documents.
  • Enable providers to set up their professional profiles, specify services, and manage payment preferences.

Empowering Patient Experience:

  • Provide patients with a user-friendly interface for onboarding, allowing them to add personal details, insurance information, and family members.
  • Offer a personalized dashboard for patients to manage appointments, view health records, and connect with their healthcare network.

Seamless Appointment Booking:

  • Implement a robust appointment booking system allowing patients to search for providers, view profiles, and book appointments for office, onsite, or virtual telemedicine consultations.
  • Integrate features for patients to share health information, documents, and images securely

Real-time Communication:

  • Integrate real-time chat for secure messaging and web socket for audio and video calls, facilitating seamless communication between patients and providers.

Efficient Appointment Management:

  • Provide providers with a personalized dashboard to manage appointment requests, schedules, and professional profiles.
  • Implement push notifications for appointment requests, allowing providers to accept or reject them.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR):

  • Facilitate the creation of digital EMRs by providers during and after appointments, including diagnoses, treatments, and follow-up recommendations.
  • Provide patients with digitally signed EMR documents for their records.

Product Features

Appening help you reach business goals by applying Agile methodologies.

Appointment Booking and Management

Booking options include office visits, onsite consultations, and virtual telemedicine. Providers receive push notifications for appointment requests. Options for providers to accept or reject appointments. Auto-accept and auto-management features for streamlined appointment processes.

Appointment Booking and Management

Patient Profile and Family appointment Management

Patients can add personal details, insurance information, and family members to their profiles. Access to past appointments, health records, and upcoming appointments. Patients can book appointments on behalf of family members. Streamlined management of family health records and appointments. Automated appointment reminders for patients and providers. Real-time status updates for in-office, onsite, and telemedicine appointments.

Patient Profile and Family appointment Management

Health History and Symptom Reporting

Patients can share detailed health histories, including allergies, addictions, and previous diagnoses. Symptom reporting with the ability to describe issues, improvements, and exacerbations. Image and document uploads for sharing diagnostic reports and medical images. Integration with Hutano Drive for document uploads and sharing.

Health History and Symptom Reporting

Communication and Telemedicine

In-app messaging, powered by web sockets, ensures real-time and secure text communication. Agora integration enhances the patient-provider interaction with seamless audio and video calls during telemedicine appointments, providing a comprehensive and integrated communication experience.

Communication and Telemedicine

Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

The EMR feature allows providers to efficiently create and manage Electronic Medical Records during appointments, promoting a streamlined approach to record-keeping. Additionally, the inclusion of digital signatures on EMR documents ensures a secure and legally compliant method HIPAA for sharing crucial medical information with patients, fostering transparency and data integrity.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR)


Hutano's payment functionality offers a multi-faceted approach to financial transactions. The integration with Stripe ensures a secure and convenient platform for online payments. Patients have the flexibility to choose insurance payments if accepted by the provider, and there's an added cash payment option for enhanced convenience. Furthermore, providers can easily receive payouts by seamlessly adding their bank account details through the Stripe connect routing feature, simplifying the financial aspect of healthcare transactions.


For Providers:

  • Providers now benefit from a streamlined process even before the patient arrives at the clinic.
  • With comprehensive patient information available, including allergies, addictions, and previous diagnoses, providers can make more informed decisions.
  • The app's capability for symptom reporting enhances the understanding of patient conditions.
  • Time-consuming administrative work is significantly reduced through efficient document management, allowing providers to focus more on patient care.
  • The automatic generation of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) post-appointment simplifies record-keeping.

For Patients:

  • Patients now experience enhanced convenience and accessibility to healthcare services.
  • Patients can even book on-site appointments where providers come to the patient at their location, offering unparalleled convenience.
  • Health records are seamlessly managed securely using the in-app Hutano Drive —putting electronic control over vital medical information right at their fingertips.
  • Instant diagnoses post-appointment provide patients with timely insights into their health.
  • Additionally, the ability to book appointments for family members within the app promotes coordinated healthcare for entire families.
  • The feature allowing video call recording adds transparency and empowers patients by providing a record of their discussions with healthcare providers.

Technology Stack

Our platform's robust and scalable technology stack ensures high performance, security, and user-friendly experience. Here are the key components: