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Unleash Innovative and Dynamic Web Solutions with State-of-the-Art Technologies

Harness the potential of next-generation technologies with our web development services, crafting powerful, scalable, and creative web applications that prioritize user-centric UI/UX, delighting users and securing a competitive edge.

Innovative Custom Solutions for Web Development

Our bespoke web app development solutions are crafted to cater to the distinct needs of each client, dramatically boosting efficiency and productivity to unparalleled levels!

Front-end Development

Our web development company focuses on creating visually engaging and intuitive web experiences. We utilize the latest technologies to build aesthetically pleasing, responsive, and user-friendly interfaces that ensure seamless user interactions across all device platforms.

Back-end Development

Our web development services lay the foundation for robust, scalable, and secure web applications. Leveraging modern technologies, we design server-side logic to manage data, user authentication, server deployment, and more, ensuring your web application's reliable operation.

Technologies used for web app development services

Our web development services consistently lead the industry, owing to our innovative approach in leveraging and implementing state-of-the-art technologies.








Google Cloud
Digital Ocean

Tap into our expertise to ignite disruption and redefine the norm.

At Appening, we stay at the cutting edge of innovation, spearheading a digital revolution that empowers startups, enterprises, and corporations to unlock the full potential of web apps.

Design Centric Development

Design Centric Development revolutionizes the development process, allowing web apps to be optimized for visual appeal and usability while being built with robustness in mind.

Dedicated Team

Our dedicated team of over 20+ experts - from designers and developers to solution architects and business analysts – is primed to lend their expertise on your next project.

6+ Years of Experience

For over half a decade, we have been revolutionizing the way things are done by introducing groundbreaking new ideas. Prepare to be amazed!

60+ Projects delivered

Our ambitious team of innovators have achieved a remarkable feat: composing over 60+ powerful mobile apps, web applications and SaaS solutions that are currently enriching the lives of millions.

We Are Transparent

Our streamlined process ensures customers can easily access the project tools they need. Plus, we keep everyone in the loop with ongoing communication every step of the way.

3-Months Free Support

With our 3 months free maintenance period, we're committed to our client's success long after their app goes live.

Take a look at some of our projects.


Seamless Health Care Made Easy

Reshaping Healthcare Delivery through a multi-platform solution, offering patients flexible office, onsite, and telemedicine options, while enabling providers to efficiently manage schedules and profiles.


Transforming Township Licensing through Digital Innovation

Our SaaS platform revolutionizes business licensing and permitting for townships like Newark and Irvington, streamlining previously cumbersome processes into efficient, paperless solutions


Disrupting Resume Writing with AI

This case study delves into how Resumod's user-friendly, AI-powered platform is transforming the job market by enabling anyone to create professional, visually appealing resumes quickly and effortlessly.

Propel your business forward with our transformative web development services

Breaking New Ground in Web Development: Our Approach Unveiled

By prioritizing user-centric design principles and merging them with potent web technologies and a device-neutral strategy, we empower our clients to harness the maximum potential of web platforms. Here's an insight into our unique UI/UX-focused formula.


Discovery & Planning

In this stage, we are taking your feedback, understanding it deeply and using our research to customize software that answers all of your needs. Our ultimate goal? To provide an effective solution tailored uniquely for you!



Design thinking is the key to creating experiences that are tailored specifically for customers. It starts with envisioning your ideal outcome and then strategically constructing a design plan from sketches, wireframes, and ultimately beautiful interfaces.



After several sprints, your project is finally ready to be released. With cutting-edge technology at our disposal, we guarantee that this product will have maximum impact on those who use it - delivering an outstanding value for you.


Optimizing & going LIVE

With the final project in sight, it' s vital to attach importance to every single detail. Once testing is done, we' ll work together towards optimizing this masterpiece to ensure each aspect fits into place perfectly and then launch!


Support & commitment

We pride ourselves on providing non-stop support for our customers. Our focus is creating a human-oriented business model that keeps your needs and preferences at the forefront of all we do. We don' t believe in stopping after closing deals; you can count on us down the road.

Web development company for distinct industries

Our web development services are unparalleled, allowing us to create powerful and robust applications tailored for a variety of industries. Whether it' s B2B or B2C, our skilled team is equipped with the expertise needed to revolutionize your digital presence.






Wellness & Fitness


Food & Restaurant

Social network




Real Estate

What are the benefits of choosing web development services for my business?

Web development services are vital for expanding your business reach, both for physical stores and digital outlets. They allow you to build a captivating web platform, showcasing your offerings to a wider audience and attracting numerous potential customers, essential for business growth

What should I consider when choosing a web development service provider?

To find a reliable web development partner, assess their past projects and areas of expertise. Look into client reviews and their standing on platforms like Clutch. Understanding their team dynamics, management, and future vision is also crucial in ensuring they're the right fit for your project.

Why choose Appening for web development services?

Appening has made a significant impact in the IT services sector, with 6 years of experience, our team has successfully delivered over 60 mobile apps and web platforms. Our diverse project portfolio spans multiple domains, including logistics, healthcare, recruitment, finance, and food delivery, showcasing our ability to adapt and excel across various sectors. This rich experience makes Appening a reliable and versatile choice for your web development needs.

Which are some of the top clients Appening has partnered with?

Appening has collaborated with a range of well-known and funded startups across various domains, demonstrating our versatility and expertise in web and app development. Notable collaborations include:

  • Shappi: A $3.2M funded logistics startup, where we assisted in revamping their mobile apps, showcasing our expertise in enhancing user experience and functionality.
  • HelloVerify: India’s largest background check provider and a Y Combinator-backed company, for whom we provided comprehensive web solutions.
  • pCloudy: One of the biggest mobile app testing platforms with over 250k users, where we leveraged our web development skills to enhance their digital platform.
  • Resumod: Known as India's top resume writing provider, we developed their resume builder, enhancing their online service offerings.

These partnerships highlight Appening's ability to deliver tailored web and mobile app solutions across diverse sectors, reinforcing our position as a dynamic and reliable web development service provider.

Does Appening offer support and maintenance after launching a web platform?

Certainly! Appening provides 3 months of free support following the launch of your web platform. During this period, we focus on monitoring performance, making adjustments, and optimizing the platform to ensure the highest ROI for our clients. For ongoing and advanced maintenance, our managed services are available to keep your web platform performing at its best.

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FAQs on Web Development

Leveraging our years of expertise as a reputable web development company, we've curated this list of frequently asked questions to offer you a comprehensive understanding of the world of web development.

I want my web app idea to be confidential. Will you sign an NDA with me

As a foremost web development company, we place high importance on the safety and security of your intellectual property. From the initiation of your project with us, we commit to preserving its confidentiality via a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

Do you have flexible hiring models?

No matter your web development needs, we have a fitting engagement model for you. With Fixed Cost and Staff Augmentation models accompanying our traditional Time & Material method, you're bound to find a collaboration model that aligns with your business goals!

Time & Material

Ideal for Agile projects, this model enables you to assign an array of tasks at an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly rate. It ensures your project stays on course, regardless of its complexity!

Staff Augmentation

Our staff augmentation service offers a dedicated team of top-tier experts, extending your in-house team's capacity. This allows you to leverage unparalleled expertise while building capacity within your organization, and simultaneously utilizing our vast resources

Fixed Cost

For small-scale projects with clearly defined objectives, this milestone-based approach is perfect. It mitigates risk, streamlines processes, and ensures dependable results delivered promptly!

As a top web development company, all of our models consistently deliver the same high standards: complete transparency and top-quality deliverables.

What are some of the top web apps developed by you?

Boasting a robust portfolio of over 50 web development projects, we take pride in having developed some of the most inventive and well-received websites and applications in today's market, including standout projects like Hutano, BoxHero, Resumod and more.

Which technologies do you use for web development?

Our web development process is powered by proven and reliable technologies that ensure success for our clients. Our toolbox of avant-garde technologies includes industry favorites like React, Angular, Node.js, Laravel, among others!

Will I get regular updates from you?

We guarantee our clients a transparent journey from inception to completion - from ideation to the final web product. Throughout the process, we ensure collaboration and meticulous attention to detail at every juncture.

Do you use any project management tools?

For seamless project execution, we utilize tools like Trello and Slack for comprehensive project management. With these resources at our disposal, we're able to steer and conclude projects with utmost accuracy!

Do I own the code of my web app?

Our web development services deliver beyond a final product - they grant you complete ownership, control, and access to the source code of your bespoke application once it's successfully deployed and live on the web.