Transforming Retail and Food Service with an Integrated Management Ecosystem

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About Project

TryLoop is a comprehensive SaaS application designed to empower restaurant and store owners with a fully integrated ecosystem. The platform includes a Merchant App, Store App, and Driver App, providing seamless management of businesses, storefronts, and delivery operations. These applications are designed to enhance the customer ordering experience and facilitate efficient order delivery through a dedicated driver app. TryLoop enables clients to deploy a unified system tailored to the unique needs of their establishments.

  • Empower Merchants: Enable merchants to effortlessly manage multiple stores/restaurants, customize their apps, and optimize business operations.
  • Enhance Customer Experience: Provide customers with a user-friendly app to explore, order, and track products seamlessly.
  • Efficient Delivery Management: Develop a delivery app for drivers to efficiently handle orders, improve delivery routes, and enhance overall performance.

Product Features

Appening help you reach business goals by applying Agile methodologies.

Comprehensive Business Dashboard

Merchants access a centralized dashboard to manage business details, customize app themes, and define store locations and delivery zones.", "Marketing Tools are seamlessly integrated into the dashboard, allowing merchants to create vouchers, automate discounts, and offer wallet incentives to enhance customer engagement.

Comprehensive Business Dashboard

Efficient Menu and Inventory Management

Merchants can easily update and manage menus and inventory within the same system, ensuring accurate stock levels and streamlined operations.", "Track orders from placement to delivery, with intuitive filters for easy status checks.

Efficient Menu and Inventory Management

Holistic Order Management

Customers benefit from flexible order modes, choosing between car pickup and delivery, with options to order immediately or schedule for later. ", "Multiple payment options, including Integrated TAP payment gateway, Apple Pay, card payments, and cash on delivery, are seamlessly integrated for customer convenience.

Holistic Order Management

Customer-Centric Experience

Customers can track orders in real-time, reorder from previous purchases, and enjoy multilingual and currency support for a personalized experience.

Customer-Centric Experience

Optimized Driver Operations

The same platform extends to drivers, offering features such as accepting new orders, tracking performance, managing wallet transactions, and personalizing profiles. ", "Integrated GPS and real-time notifications ensure efficient route planning, order acceptance, and delivery management for drivers, with performance tracking charts for detailed insights.

Optimized Driver Operations
  • Merchants experience streamlined business operations, efficient staff management, and improved marketing capabilities. Customers benefit from a seamless ordering process, multiple payment options, and enhanced order tracking features. Waselly drivers achieve optimized delivery routes, improved communication, and real-time performance tracking.

Technology Stack

Our platform's robust and scalable technology stack ensures high performance, security, and user-friendly experience. Here are the key components: