Android Studio TIPS for Devs.


If you have decided to bounce into Android advancement or have been filling in as an Android developer for some time now, you have reached the ideal place.There is no alternate route or a simple method to become a successful developer. However, if you will invest the exertion and heart required, you will unquestionably get all that you deserve.
On your mission of becoming an Android developer and for increasing your chances of success as an Android developer we have prepared a few tips. There are some paramount things one should always take care of if you aspire to achieve great skills.

1. Change Android Logcat colors.
To change Android Studio Logcat you need to go to: Preferences (Settings on Windows / Linux machines) → Editor → Colors & Fonts → Android Logcat and change the foreground color for every type of log.

2. Use split screen for increasing efficiency.
To open split screen :Right Click on tab you wanted to split → Vertical / Horizontal Split →and that’s it.

3. Enable multi cursor feature
To Enable multi Cursor :Press (alt + j for windows) or (ctrl + g for mac) →select the word with multiple occurance you want to rename and start typing .

4. Move hardcoded strings to resources
Step : 1 Press option + return (Windows / Linux: alt + enter).

Step : 2  Enter name of string in Resource Name hit OK...and you are done.

5. Format Your Code
 Quickly Hit cmd + option + l (Windows / Linux: ctrl + alt + l) to format your code , it works like a charm for messed up programmers, gives proper indentation, and spaces wherever needed.

Before Formatting

After Formatting

6. Quickly close a tab
While holding Shift key and click on the opened tabs to close them to quickly close the unusable tab.

Making progress as another Android App designer isn’t simple, yet isn’t inconceivable either. What’s more, with all the true stories of overcoming adversity that are out there, what influences you to surmise that you can’t be one of them.
Last but not the least- Think Big. As Palomar stated: “You need to think your app will be downloaded by millions users” Except if you target a small group and you know about what that implies for your business, you should plan for an impressive future and have faith in progress.

Happy Coding